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Our lab attempts to be as transparent as possible regarding our methods and research in order to strengthen the research community. All of the resources below are provided free of charge for use in your own research. 


On our lab Youtube channel, we provide professional tips and resources for guidelines on advancing a career in research and academia.


Data and materials from our projects can be found on Dr. Van Bavel's OSF page


Our lab has started to create audio recordings of our publications to increase accessibility for people who have trouble reading (e.g., visually impaired) or those who simply prefer to listen to articles as they are doing other things. Please see below for free audio recordings. 


See below for dissertation talks from former lab members Anni Sternisko (2022) and Diego Reinero (2021).


Please see below for slide presentations by lab members. 


For anyone who teaches social psychology, my lab created a series of FREE videos of several well known social psychology studies. Each video is roughly 8-10 minutes long and can be used in a class to explain how and why a study was conducted (JoVE Science Education > Essentials of Social Psychology). The videos include live acting and animation, describe the details of how each study is run (from power analysis to figures of the key results), and a pdf summary of each study. Here is how to get your 30 day free access to the videos if your institution does not subscribe to JoVE (Psychology: New JoVE Science Education).


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